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A Vision…

“Without a Vision, the People Will Perish”

Governor Patrick grew up on the South Side of Chicago with his mother, grandparents, and older sister. His father left his family to pursue his career as a musician, and his mother was between jobs. Patrick described the South Side of Chicago as first as a southern staple in the north, but as the civil rights movement worsened, he described a South Side more accurate to what most of us envision. A part of town full of gangs, violence, and a breeding place of mediocrity. Despite his desperate circumstances he and his family had a distinct vision, but Patrick expressed that not paired with their vision was a path to achieve it.

Growing up I always felt an aura of success over my life, and I knew that no matter what I chose to do I would bring pride to myself, my family, and those that surrounded me. Although I knew that ardor of success was over my life, for a while, I never could never see myself actually walking in success. I had no clear vision.

I remember I confiding in someone at church that I felt like I wouldn’t graduate from high school, not because I was a bad student or in jeopardy of failing, but rather because I couldn’t see my self graduating. I couldn’t imaging myself in a cap and gown. I told them that maybe it wasn’t in God’s will for me make that far, but I was comforted in knowing that I was just succumbing to spirits of doubt and uncertainty.

Another thing Patrick explained was that once he acquired his vision, he had to defy the odds and succeed in spite of his surroundings and his situation. After leaving Chicago to go to boarding school at Milton in Massachusetts. In a way I can relate to this, because as an young, fatherless, African American male  in America I am not expected to accomplish nearly as much as my some of my counterpart. I would have to challenge myself to thwart social standards and expectations, and to this day I feel like I have been doing that.

Write the vision, make it plain!

My Vision: Attend Morehouse College and graduate summa cum laude with a dual degree in Economics and Philosophy. I will score well on the LSAT and be offered admission into Columbia, New York University, or Fordham Law Schools.



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