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My Inner Thoughts

Where I’m From

I am from Southern Hospitality
and hot summers sired onto my skin
“Hey y’all”s and bright red forehead kisses
sitting on the porch with my cousins
I am from the city that sleeps and wakes up early
Chic-fil-a and the Varsity
I am from MARTA
Inefficient but loved the same
I am from Eunice and Martha and Hamp and ’em
Long drives down 16 and too Jeffersonville
Sweet Potato Pies and Spades Games
I am from family dinner every Christmas
I am from Georgia Baptist
4 fingers, no thumb and the west end
Decatur where its greater
I am from my sisters and mother
I without my dad
I am from pride and I have learned joy
I am from service
Late Friday Nights and earlier Saturday mornings
I am from music
notes tied together to create my pulse
and beats drummed into to create my thoughts
I am from me
All alone in New York miles from home
on a quest to find me through the new faces I see


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