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6 Word Memoirs

Have you ever imagined what would happen if someone called you and asked you for some dynamic memoir or autobiography, but then limited you to only 6 words. What would you say, or what you would write about? What part of your life would you ignore and what parts would you glorify? In one of my classes we were given this challenge and I thought it was an amazing exercise to just search your inner self and look for something to write about. I though it was pretty cool so I wanted to share the few 6 word memoirs I came up with, and then open it up for other people to comment and leave their ideas of what their personal 6 word memoirs would be.

“Wrote my emotion; never showed it”


“One day they will understand why”


“Found my passion in children’s smiles”


“Blessed to see many distant lands”


“I realized, this too shall pass”


“Lived out loud, but still quietly”


“Never really understood; never stopped questioning”


“Laughter is the staple of friendship”


“Son of phoenix, wisdom and truth”


“Found spirituality not religion in God”


“Managed to see without my glasses”



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