“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death”


  • It’s easier said than done to write a short biography about oneself. The biography could sound self indulgent, filled with the accomplishments that makes a person successful, or it could seem lack luster simply listing the basics that the reader knew prior to opening the document and digesting the words on the page. For me, my biography should capture the essence of who I am, and give a vision of where I want myself to be, so here we go:

My name is Reginald Hutchins, but as of late I simply go by Hutch, a name coined by my grandfather when he was younger. When I listen to music I dance, simply because I may not dance seriously anymore, but when the music hits me I can’t help but to move. Most times when I listen to music I pretend like I’m in the music video, and what I’m doing makes a difference. I have a fear of failure, dying unaccomplished, and pigeons.

I’m a writer, and aspiring scholar but I am also admittedly lazy which is one of those things I am trying to defy and work on. I admire Malcolm X, because he wholeheartedly believed in the power of the black man against the forces of the white man, but more admirably, he was able to change his view after experiencing his true Muslim hajj and eating at the same table as the white man, each of the driven by faith. His passion, his willingness to learn, his drive for justice, and his commitment to his cause, not his views, inspire me.

I am a sociology major at school with a focus on the education and gender. As an aspiring educator, mentor, and philanthropist, I allow these classes to mold me into something greater than myself. This passion of mine has allowed me to travel across the nation and abroad to gather the knowledge needed for the new-age educators for which the America’s education system is yearning.

I hail from Atlanta, Georgia and as of date, I am 19 years old.





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