An Edge on Success

T.E. Lawrence, a British Army officer, once said “All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible,” and this belief drives the five people who have cultivated time and created an organization called Edge.

“[Edge stands for] educating dreamers to gain efficacy,” said Francisco Nunez, junior and finance chair of Edge. “Our goal is to cultivate leaders and instill the key foundational principles that is key to their success.”

Nunez, Malcolm Young, David Connor, Jessica Robinson, and Notorious Scott founded Edge last school year after going through a year of leadership and personal development, which changed their mentality of people from a negative focus to a more positive focus and outlook.

“We started our journey last year around homecoming,” started Robinson, junior and secretary of Edge. “We had to become desensitized to the social mirror to extricate ourselves from that socially driven mentality.  We focused on 9 key principles that the organization is built upon, which are the key principles of leadership.”

The 9 key principles are based on the book, the Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, which outlines the difference between a successful and unsuccessful person linked with their daily habits. The principles include environment, health, networking, self-image, inner circle, spirituality, social consciousness, leadership, and finance. Each meeting the Edge has as an organization is based on cultivating one of these key principles.

“So many meetings and groups discuss the problems that may be plaguing people, but in Edge we equip you with what you need to succeed and then help you with apply those things immediately to your life through our workshop like meetings,” said Robinson. “Eventually we want to create other small groups of like-minded people, not necessarily add people to our core group of people. We see the passion of the people in Edge and let the bond between people happen organically.”

The idea behind creating Edge on the Morehouse and Spelman campus was ‘divinely created’. A few years ago Malcolm Young saw a quote on Facebook from the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, and commented on the post saying he needed a mentor and from there he received a mentor who exposed him to book the Slight Edge.

“Malcolm shared his enlightenment with David and Francisco who were his roommates, and the rest just happened organically,” explained Robinson. “He used something we call the Iron Man effect. He spoke vision to his friends.”

The Iron Man Effect as Robinson and Nunez went on to explain is were a person conquers the fear of networking and speaks vision to anyone willing to listen.

“Edge is referred to as a tool by our mentor,” continued Nunez. “Edge [and the Iron Man Effect] is a method for attracting a lot of people. The 20% that are the most receptive of the vision we portray, we infuse them with love.”

On campus Edge is partnering with community organizations. They are currently working on an initiative with Greening Youth Foundation, partnering with them to mentor and tutor elementary school students. Edge also holds fundraising events including a carwash that was held last month to help raise funds for Free Enterprise Day which was held in Irvine, California.

“In California we discussed leadership, entrepreneurship, and we talked about our visions of life,” said Nunez. “We talked about input and experience. It was important for us to go to this, because in the national movement, Project 1 million, there are few black people involved.”

As the semester winds down, Edge is trying to raise awareness around the campuses with YouTube and Facebook videos talking about key qualities of leadership, and the creation of shirts with their Edge logo on it.

“Our goal is just to share this knowledge with other people and let them cultivate their true leadership potential,” said Robinson. “Its not an easy process, and may take a long time to truly understand what everything means, but since I made the choice to take advantage of my time I have seen the vital importance of every minute in the day, I have grown from the constructive criticism I have received from the other people in edge, and most notably I have grown in every aspect of my life.”

Edge recommends everyone read the Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.

– Reginald Hutchins




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