Romney’s Revenge

After the presidential debates Wednesday night at the University of Denver in Denver, Col., Governor Mitt Romney gained popularity amongst undecided voters in Colorado according to CNN.

“He clearly won tonight,” said Sen. Rob Portman (Ohio-R). “He told the truth to the voters and gave them what they wanted to hear, specifics.”

Portman, who played Obama during the debate practice, highlighted Romney’s strongest points in the debate, mentioning his 5 point plan for the economy, which includes energy independence, opening more trade, equipping people with more schools, balancing the budget, and most importantly championing small business. President Obama’s campaign team, however, only remembered the Romney’s attitude throughout the debate.

“Romney wins on style but looses on policy,” said Stephanie Cutter, Deputy Campaign Manager, when interviewed by CNN Spin Room correspondents. “And throughout the debate, I sometimes wondered if we even needed a moderator, because we had Romney.”

Democrats heavily criticized Romney’s forward behavior throughout the debate, but it was what made his appeal greater. Obama was often described as boring and unsure and under practiced, which overshadowed some of his key points like his new emphasis on education in finding 100,000 new math and science teachers, and his plan to add $1.00 to every $2.50 cut in the federal budget.

“He tried to hold a conversation with the voters and focus more on them,” explained Cutter.

Romney focused on creating jobs and cutting the deficit the most during the debate. He presented an idea of ridding the country of it debt, which Obama mocked as simply giving $5 trillion in tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans. CNN fact checkers found that Obama’s interpretation of Romney’s idea was false, however Romney was inaccurate in his claim, because the fact checkers found no clear plan that would combat the nation’s deficit.

Romney’s beautiful rhetoric, great presence, and comfort on the stage helped him to rise to the occasion and debate well against President Obama, putting him ahead in some polls and giving hope back to the Republican Party.

CNN Political Analyst, David Gergen, said, “President Obama had a very disappointing performance tonight, and Romney was able to use his practice from the primaries and dominate the debate. Tonight he made his point.”

– Reginald Hutchins



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