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“The rate at which a person can mature is directly proportional to the embarrassment he can tolerate.” – Douglas Engelbart   Advertisements


One thing every child yearns for growing up is freedom. It isn’t uncommon during youth to daydream about days when you can act without parental oversight, consequence, and approval. I am at a stage when my mother has become, to me, like a prison a warden with me as her prisoner whose up for parole … Continue reading

My Year Up to Now…

Before I started this blog, I attempted to create a Project 365 where I took a picture for everyday of the year. I ended up dropping my camera in the Champs Elysees in Paris. So as my first official post, I am going to re-cap the year up to now. January – 1.10.2011 It snowed/iced … Continue reading

10 Things About Me

Facts you should know about me before continuing into my inner thoughts: My name is Reginald Hutchins I am a sophomore at Morehouse College, majoring in Sociology I am a 2011 graduate of Henry W. Grady High School I am one of four children, and the only boy I am Sarcastic, but Caring I am … Continue reading

A Brief Introduction

After high school we all go through a phase when the people around us change, the world around us shifts, and we become more mature beings. The phase happens so quickly and we are forced to adjust so abruptly, that we often forget the struggle of the purge. We become so lost in our futures … Continue reading

My Thoughts…

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