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When a person is wounded, they go through an extensive healing process that sometimes required bandages and ointments and rest. After a while the thing that was broken or scratched or torn is made new, sometimes leaving a scar as reminder that at one point it existed. The past few days I have been a … Continue reading

God Bless the Broken Road

When people remember me, or when people see me I want them to remember the smile I had the consumed my face, my priceless facial expressions, and my acts of kindness not the the negative, dilapidated past that so often clouds my perception. Today is January 1. A new month and a new year, and … Continue reading

Where I’m From

I am from Southern Hospitality and hot summers sired onto my skin “Hey y’all”s and bright red forehead kisses sitting on the porch with my cousins I am from the city that sleeps and wakes up early Chic-fil-a and the Varsity I am from MARTA Inefficient but loved the same I am from Eunice and … Continue reading

Identity Beyond Race…

[ahy-den-ti-tee] – the condition of being oneself or itself, and not another Patrick talked about his finding his identity in this book, but more so the finding the middle ground between his roots on the South Side of Chicago and his new found, predominantly white community surrounding Milton boarding school. He discusses the struggles he faced as an underprivileged black boy in a sea of … Continue reading

A Vision…

“Without a Vision, the People Will Perish” Governor Patrick grew up on the South Side of Chicago with his mother, grandparents, and older sister. His father left his family to pursue his career as a musician, and his mother was between jobs. Patrick described the South Side of Chicago as first as a southern staple … Continue reading

A Reason to Believe

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick wrote a book, A Reason to Believe, that I recently finished reading. It was one of the most inspirational works I have read in a long time. Many people, especially black people, don’t read, but this book was thought provoking and it raised many questions in my mind about who I … Continue reading


One thing every child yearns for growing up is freedom. It isn’t uncommon during youth to daydream about days when you can act without parental oversight, consequence, and approval. I am at a stage when my mother has become, to me, like a prison a warden with me as her prisoner whose up for parole … Continue reading

A Brief Introduction

After high school we all go through a phase when the people around us change, the world around us shifts, and we become more mature beings. The phase happens so quickly and we are forced to adjust so abruptly, that we often forget the struggle of the purge. We become so lost in our futures … Continue reading

My Thoughts…

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